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Neuerscheinung "Aramaic - A History of the First World Language"


Prof. Gzellas neue Monographie zur aramäischen Sprache erscheint bald im Eerdmans-Verlag.

aramaicIn this volume—the first complete history of Aramaic from its origins to the present day—Holger Gzella provides an accessible overview of the language perhaps most well known for being spoken by Jesus of Nazareth. Gzella, one of the world’s foremost Aramaicists, begins with the earliest evidence of Aramaic in inscriptions from the beginning of the first millennium BCE, then traces its emergence as the first world language when it became the administrative tongue of the great ancient Near Eastern empires. He also pays due diligence to the sacred role of Aramaic within Judaism, its place in the Islamic world, and its contact with other regional languages, before concluding with a glimpse into modern uses of Aramaic.



Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter https://www.eerdmans.com/Products/7748/aramaic.aspx